Opportunities and value

The companies not only need to align resources with their value proposals, but also need to “asses the value» continuously.

lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

The sun and land of Spain highlight the role nature plays in Spain as a country. Bricks of clay, photovoltaic power stations, state-of-the-art buildings and civil engineering projects are a splendid basis for offering Spanish high quality hospital and senior care infrastructure solutions all around the world.

Spain, thanks to its enjoyable climate and the growing affluence of foreign visitors, is a real reference as a provider of human relationship services. More than 1000 years of cultural merging, and a population driven towards the satisfaction of human needs, make Spain one of the most reliable and capable vendors of human services in Europe.

Inside the European Continent, Spain is also one of countries with the highest average life expectancy of the world, and a recognized leader in tourism. Perhaps less well known, Spain is also more and more being recognized by the outside world as an established health services provider. During the last fifteen years, Spain has also developed a modern care home and home care infrastructure.

Spain should, through the high reputation of its health advisors, also become one of the main exporters of health services managers and new efficiency ideas.

Thinking in terms of self-sustained projects, we could consider a hybrid European health system composed by a unique medical network, no matter if this network is private or public. In this network, infrastructure providers and professionals would be competing in a price versus quality ratio to gain the confidence of the patients, through a one-stop service and a high quality outcome.

In this context and as a health tourism operator, Spain would be a potential leader if it innovated towards a process that combines: weather + bricks + tourism + health + senior care + advisory.

When considering a one-stop service, we think in health procedures

driven activities, where severe health procedures would be developed in hospital installations and less severe procedures in «as a hotel» buildings with nursery services.

      Luis Silva Ponte. bestprofile.eu  

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