Immortality in 2045?, 30 years left only!

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Immortality in 2045?, 30 years left only! 

Invited by Tomas Pascual Institute, bestprofile went to the National Research Council in Serrano Street, enjoyed, and much, listening and watching Dr. Carlos Lopez-Otin´s media and speech approach. 

A man with a cable plugged in the back of his neck

The two magistral presentations we had the chance to join and delight , have inspired and given us the opportunity to create two entries in our particular blog «in the clouds» and in the one called «experts» , in this first speech, some «bullet points» about an spectacular  lecturer with and holistic approach about the ability of the genetic alteration for: slow down and reverse the development of a disease and by extension to slow and reverse aging.

With the collaboration of other Spanish research center located in Oviedo, driven and rolled-out , take note, for the former ex-minister and biotech entepreneur Cristina Garmendia aunder the baton of one of the most awarded Spanish Phd biochemist researcher, Dr. Carlos Lopez-Otin.  

I will explain in list mode some  curiosities exposed with the only intention to be well  understood for all. 

Some figures

  • We are born with more neurons than stars, Via Lactea has 100 Billion.
  • We lose the molecular harmony of millions of molecules, each one contain over 3,000 million chemical tools or parts.
The process
  • Now is inexorable, universal, irreversible and fatal
  • Will be soon plastic, miscellaneous, reversible and immortal

There are already immortal.

  • The Hydra is immortal bulgaris
  • Others have a negative obsolescence unless they decide for fertility.

What are the factors that help not age.

  • The Y chromosome
  • Supercentenarians tell us they could leave a bit to eat and laugh a lot.
  • The environmental conditions
  • Ethics, altruism, humility and honesty.
What is going on?
  • Social pressure would allow to modify human genetics, applying experiments that have already worked in thousands of animals.
  • In mice laboratories have experienced creating 50% normal cells and 50 cells say «poisonous» «mouse standard», the body has adapted to this cell combination and definitelly, the mouse live healthy.
  • As it is the case, in this moment, the lack of this ability to alter the human genetics, we as persons have only the chance to be what we eat, so nutrition Probiotics and prebiotics are essential for healthy aging.
  • TIMES magazine notes that in 2045 the first and pioners immortal human beings would be existing on earth , a you can see the front cover as if it could be the Matrix movie.

A bioethics reflexion is extremelly suggested.

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    • mayo 22, 2017 at 10:15 am

      Than you so much
      It is real and going faster than we suspect, but probably is to early in my personal opinion
      At your disposal


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