A foundation for attitude change in taking care is a dream?

When someone wants to start-up a social dream, should communicate his inttention trying to concienciate Society as a first step.

After, should dream alloud asking to world wide leaders about the proposal

Third, should share with world wide social leaders

Fourth, would create a group in professional or specialized sites

Fith, would find initial support from corporate social resposabilitie programs aligned with the idea

Sixth, would planned a social and a business plan based in the sustainability of the dream makes real

Eight should think that the dream is of and for all

Nineth Should persevere about a hugh effort

Tenth Should execute the dream


Ours is to create a high ethical health and wellbeing management school for meritocratic women in Africa.

A biotech cancer center, with genetic testing for wellbeing that also divulgate as oil boat the change of attitude that all should have to change the way that people take care of people, and contributte a bit in a general change of attitude


1- Communicating our dream to society.


2-Created a Linkedin interest group:

What is your dream?

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